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Professional Women

Are enough women in your organization making it to leadership positions? Are they ready for those promotions when they need to be? Are they confident in themselves as leaders, and do they inspire others to have confidence in them? We facilitate programs specifically geared toward up-leveling women and their leadership capability.

“As busy season progressed, I found myself utilizing the tools from Kyla’s program to survive the stresses much more effectively than ever before. Performance at work is extremely important to me, and I struggled last year. This program provided great guidance and motivation in this very important part of my life.” 

Senior Manager

Large CPA Firm

Executive Leaders

Are you keeping the rock-stars in your organization or are they leaving or losing their rock-star qualities after a few years? Is your company culture what you really want it to be? Are you confident you know the best way to make the cultural shifts you’d like to see? We provide executive-level consulting and coaching to identify the “right” strategic direction for your company and a solid plan for implementation, and we assist in that implementation.


“Due to the program, I have far more insight and focus on what is most important to me. This program is helping me to navigate to my career best and to have a positive and lasting impact on those I work with and the firm. I also have a better understanding of the magnitude of things others are facing and how to assist, as well as a better understanding of cultural issues we face.”

Tax Partner

Global CPA Firm

Mid-Level Leaders

Are your mid-level leaders ready to move into executive positions when you need them to or do you need to hire outside the organization to fill the demand? Are they passionate about their work and the company? These mid-level leaders are a major factor in staff retention. When they struggle with engagement and retention challenges, so do the staff. We facilitate programs tailored to your mid-level leaders’ biggest challenges – and ensure the executive leaders understand what those challenge themes are and provide recommendations for addressing them on a cultural basis.

“This program made me realize I’d been on the path of potentially leaving my company. Now I understand myself better, can prioritize and choose the best options for me without second guessing myself or feeling guilt. I was able to make some big decisions about the direction of my career that I’m very excited about.”


Mid-Sized Business

New Managers

Do you have high-potential individual contributors you’ve promoted to manager, who aren’t as successful in that new role as you’d expected? Many professionals have never been trained in leadership skills. When strong individual contributors move up into leadership roles without that training, it can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Even for people who are “natural leaders,” becoming a manager takes a lot of adjustment and is much easier with leadership training. We facilitate programs to ensure these strong professionals close the gap and are as successful in their new leadership roles as they were in their individual contributor roles.

“My work is much more efficient & effective since starting Kyla’s program. I’m actually working fewer hours in total but accomplishing more. This has created more personal time for me, boosted team morale, made my work more enjoyable, and even improved the job’s realization.”


International Firm

Professional Services Teams

Are you frustrated with your team? Does it seem like they should be more productive, efficient, and effective as a group, but it’s just not happening? Is there a lack of trust among them? Does it almost feel dysfunctional sometimes? We facilitate programs to help teams become more cohesive, optimally leverage one another’s strengths and differences, and begin operating at their fullest potential.

“Our work with Kyla has had a major impact in how we function as a team at JVTR. Our executive leadership team is much more cohesive and effective, and we continue to have breakthroughs and reach new levels. With her help, we’ve also identified the strategic direction we want our culture to move in and have taken some big steps in making that shift. We already see improved engagement at all levels, and it’s only the beginning. Kyla goes the extra mile, and it’s obvious she cares a great deal about our success. I trust her and have seen the value she brings. I’d recommend her to any organization needing to make team or cultural changes!”

Jim Valk

Managing Principal, Jansen Valk Thompson Reahm PC

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