Who We Are

Kyla Ledlow is the CEO and founder of Engage and Retain, LLC. The company’s mission is to guide companies, departments, and teams to truly engage their people and retain their top talent – to lay the foundation for sustainable high performance and great leadership. In Kyla’s various roles, she has seen what disengagement, exhaustion, and overwhelm can do to performance, team morale, company culture, efficiency, productivity, and ultimately the bottom line. She and her team work with companies and their people to turn that around for not just short-term relief, but also for long-term results.

There are two core values everyone on the Engage and Retain team live by:

Authentic connection – Relationships are everything. They walk their talk, and they are constantly looking at “how can we best help you” in their interactions with each other, with clients, and with others.

Long-term sustainable impact – In all their decisions and actions, they are considering how to best create sustainable results. If an action will result only in short-term inspiration, but will lead to no long-term impact, it’s not an action they will take.

Kyla brought 18 years of diverse corporate experience to the table when she started Engage and Retain in 2012. Although she’s considered a “people” person, she spent those corporate years in a “numbers” professional accounting career. She was a manager-level CPA in a regional firm when she left the public accounting arena to become a controller of a non-profit organization. Her last 6 years in corporate were with a Fortune 500 company. She left a successful career on their global finance training & development team to start her own business empowering women, and later moved into empowering companies through energizing and engaging their employees.

Kyla is passionate about training, learning, and implementing not only for Engage and Retain’s clients, but also for their team. She embodies the philosophy that “you’re either growing or dying.” She completed the IPEC (Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching) Certification Training in 2005 and has participated in numerous leadership and development programs over the years. She and her team invest heavily in their continued development and participate in several programs, workshops, and courses every year to even better serve their clients.