“I’m now focused on what I truly want to get out of my career. And, I now have the confidence to advocate for myself and discuss with my mentor how I think I can be most effective in my role.”
– Manager, Large International Company

“I have a lot more energy at work, and feel much more passionate about the work I’m doing.” 
– Manager, Global CPA Firm

“I’ve had a big challenge with approachability in developing my staff. This program helped me be more vulnerable, build deeper relationships with staff, and improve approachability significantly. This was reflected in all of the positive staff comments in my performance appraisal.” 
– Sr Manager, Global CPA Firm

“I’m now coaching my staff on things I learned in Kyla’s program, resulting in improved individual and team productivity.”
– Manager, Mid-Sized Company

“My focus on pairing decision-making with my core values and strengths has led to much better outcomes. That along with taking a more deliberate approach with staff development, delegation, and building social capital with staff has made me a better leader.”
– Sr Manager, Large CPA Firm

“It was a major shift for me to realize I didn’t need a fantasy “reset button” to be able to just start over when things got totally overwhelming – because I actually have a “step-back button” allowing me to pause, observe, and feel like I have control over my reactions and actions. I used to approach things as if I had no choice, but the truth is I always have a choice. Now that I understand that, I’m so much more energized and feel and act more positively personally and professionally, which has had a big impact on my team.”
– Manager, Large Financial Institution

“I feel like I accomplish so much more now – with more energy, more passion in my career, and more motivation to actually get things accomplished.”
– Manager, International Firm

“My team partner said he knows I got a lot out of this program – that the improvements I’ve made because of it are very obvious!”
– Manager, Global CPA Firm

“My best friend, who’s been with our firm for 9 years, is leaving. I wish she could’ve been a part of this program – as I don’t think she would be leaving if she had been.”
– Sr Manager, Global CPA Firm

“This program changed my mindset, put control back in my hands, showed me how to set healthy boundaries to improve my personal and professional life – and it was life-altering with long-term positive impact I will not forget. I’ve never had anything like this before.”
– Sr Manager, International Firm

“Kyla was truly engaging, had a powerful yet warm stage presence, and her workshop was very valuable. We had a great turnout and got wonderful feedback from our post-event survey.”
– Internal Audit Manager at Fortune 500 Company

“I just wanted to share that this was AWESOME! Wish I could have been there in person, but even as a remote participant, it was engaging and enlightening! Thanks to all involved in the planning of this. Great, great speaker!!”
– Director, HR Process and Change Management at Fortune 500 Company

“I love how interactive Kyla’s presentations are and how easily she relates to others. She is extremely informative and encouraging, and I highly recommend her workshop.”
– Operations at Regional Non-Profit