Since I’ve been working with Kyla, I’ve become more aware of how I’m designed to perform best, better at identifying where to place my energy and time for the biggest impact, and more confident in my leadership abilities. I’ve stepped into overseeing the audit department, and I’m grateful to have Kyla as a sounding board and advisor. We’ve defined a great plan for department direction and how to move forward in a way that will be more efficient, more in line with who I am as a leader, and still provide the best quality for our clients. I get so much value from our work together, I’ve actually invested in a few of her service offerings, have extended some of those services, and have recommended her to others.”

Rhonda Newman

Principal, Jansen Valk Thompson Reahm PC

How We Serve

We customize our work with our clients based on their unique needs and challenges in order to get them the results they’re looking for. How we work with them may incorporate a service or a combination of services. Some of those services include:

    • 8-12 Month Programs
    • Workshops & Trainings
    • Consulting
    • Executive Coaching
    • Strategic Planning & Cultural Direction
    • Executive Round Tables
    • Meeting Facilitation
    • Organizational and Team Assessments, Analysis, and Innovative Solutions
    • Train the Trainer

Some recent results our corporate clients have experienced:

Pre-program, 50% of managers were actively looking to leave the company. Post-program, 100% of them plan to stay long-term.

• High potential staff felt 60-80% more supported by managers who participated in the program and as a result felt more likely to stay with the company long-term.

• 100% of managers+ became much more effective leaders.

• Top talent were 50-80% more engaged and more satisfied with the company they work for.

• Cooperation and relationships within the department improved by 65%.

• 50% – 80% improvement in communication and the giving and receiving of effective feedback.

• 100% of participants felt significantly more successful with their personal and professional life integration, a key indicator of engagement.

    Some of The Many Topics We Facilitate

    • Identifying & Implementing the “right” cultural shifts for your organization
    • What it takes to be a strong leader and role-model
    • The foundation for sustainable energy, engagement, and productivity
    • Personal and professional life integration and alignment
    • Connecting purpose and meaning to work
    • Identifying and eliminating energy drains
    • The best ways to restore your energy
    • Implementing habits for long-term change
    • Time management and prioritization
    • How and why to cultivate a positive culture, including addressing negativity and the helpless-to-make-change attitude
    • The importance of self-awareness

    • Confidence, specifically addressing self-doubt and indecision
    • Setting expectations
    • Effective delegation
    • Managing millennials
    • Optimally leveraging generational differences, strengths, motivations, and perspectives
    • Building relationships
    • Being “CEO” of your career
    • Perfectionism, specifically addressing “I’m not good enough,” fear of failure/judgment, and using discernment with effort and time
    • Guilt
    • Communication, including up, down, lateral- internal and external to the company
    • Difficult conversations and conflict resolution
    • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

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