The #1 Reason Mid-Level Leaders Aren’t Ready to Step Up

  • Are you hiring outside your company
    because your mid-level people aren’t ready for that executive leadership promotion when they need to be?
  • Do you have high-potential staff who begin to lose their super-star status after moving into management? Are their teams performing at less than optimal levels?
  • Are you a mid-level leader who struggles with managing your own workload along with your management responsibilities – not to mention all the commitments in your personal life?

According to The Conference Board, two of the top five biggest CEO concerns in 2017 are

1) Developing next generation leaders

2) Failing to attract and retain top talent.

The foundation for addressing those two concerns is one and the same. This download provides insight into what that overlooked and undervalued foundation is.

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The #1 Reason Mid-Level Leaders Aren’t Ready to Step Up